Sabbath Economics


Sabbath Economics

Since our founding in 1998, Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries has been commited to building capacity around connecting faith to political and personal issues of economic justice.  We have developed an approach we call "Sabbath Economics," a phrase we use as shorthand for the biblical vision of "enough for all."  We have published dozens of Sabbath Economics themed pieces and developed many popular education resources for use by faith communities.

Since 2005 our particular focus has been helping persons interested in Sabbath Economics to examine practically their own household economics.  Our approach is predicated on the conviction that our current lifeways in this economic system are unsustainable, that we must make changes, and that the most enduring personal changes are ones we make incrementally and deliberately.  We draw on 12-step recovery traditions on one hand, and “lifestyle-audit” type work on the other. We think the realm of personal and family household practices most intimately and concretely expresses our actual (as opposed to our professed or idealized) economic and spiritual values.  This household focus is not intended to be a substitute for engaging wider structural and political aspects of economic and social justice, but as an important complement to organizing, education and advocacy.  This kind of Covenant work, while not by itself sufficient for creating a world that conforms more deeply to God’s dream, is necessary for the long haul of discipleship.

To learn more about our Sevenfold Household sabbath Economics Covenant, and resources we have developed for this work, go here.

Check out our new 6 part DVD series on Sabbath Economics and Community Investing at  You can download the Sabbath Economics DVD Facilitator's Guide here.

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