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News from Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries

September 2012

Ched in NorwayI was in Scandinavia the first half of the month. I spoke about immigrant rights and biblical social justice to three different Church of Norway groups in Oslo (see above note about the interview and blog). Then it was on to Stockholm, Sweden for a day of presentations to Diakonia activists (as well as a roundtable of Christian anarchists).

August 2012

As July intern Rachel Hudgens left to return to Chicago, Joshua Grace of Circle of Hope church in Philadelphia rolled in for a few days’ visit (right, hoisting one with Elaine). Other folks who stopped by this month were:August Visitors


July 2012

No sooner had Elaine and I returned from a very emotional and transforming few days in Saskatoon at the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings than folk began arriving for the Summer Institute. In successive days intern Rachel Hudgens (see lead article above), Chris Grataski and Melissa Shank, Tim Nafziger and Charletta Erb (see previous article), and Dmitri Kadiev (see photo, p.

June 2012

CharlotteMy mom Charlotte, a faithful BCM supporter and featured artist on two of his book covers turned 90 years old (right)! You can see some of her digital art at Elaine and I participated in a half-day consultation by videoconference with the Mennonite Church U.S.

May 2012

Word and World Mentoring ProgramThe first Word & World Mentoring Program year ended in a closing retreat in Camden, NJ (right: mentees and mentors). We were hosted by Andrea Ferich’s amazing Center for Environmental Transformation; check them out at

March 2012

Right in the middle of our February Institute Elaine went down to Los Angeles to be “sworn in” as a U.S. citizen. After having to jump through several extra hoops because she is a conscientious objector, she sailed through the final ceremony, and was back to Oak View in time to be serenaded by Institute participant Sandra Beardsall in this reworked national hymn:

A Short Anthem for Elaine

February 2012

Elaine, Julia, Talitha, Jeremy and I spent many hours this month preparing for, running, and cleaning up after the Institute. The three interns cooked up a storm in order to feed participants with locally grown, organic vegetarian fare the entire week.

January 2012

Be sure and look for the new book by the L.A. Catholic Worker’s Jeff Dietrich (right). And check out the great National Catholic Reporter review:

December 2011

I completed my semester of Hebrew studies; thanks again to Sam Thomas for his generosity in letting me sit in. I got to speak in his "Introduction to Christianity" class at California Lutheran University too, and have gotten to know a few professors around campus. It’s a good connection. Sam’s also been working hard with Elaine on the Abundant Table Farm Project board, as they go through significant transition.

November 2011

 This month we pulled the fall garden and put in the winter one (lettuce, kale, artichokes, onions, garlic). The new worm bin is doing great; the compost pile not so much. We purchased a little 1984 biodiesel pick-up from our friend Eric Hodge, who runs an off-the-grid, solar-powered auto shop in the neighborhood, makes his own biodiesel, and is a free diving spearfisherman and mushroom hunter. What a dude!

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