June 2011 News

After presenting our “watershed discipleship” Bible study at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker early this month, Elaine and I drove on to Orange County to celebrate my mom’s 89th birthday!  While down south we enjoyed a long lunch with Tommy and Lindsay Airey, whose journey has taken them from Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church to helping launch the new Anabaptist Network in North America (http://anabaptistnetwork.ning.com/).   On the way back we attended a board meeting for the Abundant Table Farm Project in Oxnard, where we continue to try to shape a sustainable future for this awesome faith-rooted organic farming internship (http://theabundanttable.org/blog/).

May 2011 News

Erica MonicaElaine and I enjoyed an uninterrupted month at home, continuing to put in the summer garden and preserve the last of the winter one (right: Elaine sporting the “Yes. We Can.” poster & apron; left: her niece Erica and friend Monica harvest kale).  Elaine Yes We CanWe got a lot done around the house and yard, caught up on doctor’s appointments, and attended several Ojai Valley Watershed Council meetings.  Elaine led a weekend retreat for Knox Presbyterian Church here in the valley, which afforded us the opportunity to visit with Matt and Jill Colwell.  Elaine also took her maiden voyage out to the Channel Islands with local spearfishing genius Eric Hodge’s boat—a spectacular day!  Congratulations to Eric for the recent opening of his amazing all solar- and biodiesel-powered auto mechanic shop close by!  

Getting To The Root of Anti Semitism

by Denise Sherer Jacobson

As one of the few Jewish kids among my Christian classmates growing up, I always had the feeling I was suspect. After all, there were Christmas and Easter and Holy Communions that my family never celebrated. And when I was questioned about Jewish practices, observances and holidays, I felt a little lost.

The Need to be Needed: A Reflection on Tikkun Olam (Healing the World)

by Neil Jacobson

Imagine that one of the missions of our religious school is 'to teach all students how they can have a unique and significant role in Tikkun Olam (healing the world) and their community.'

Both my wife, Denise, and I have significant Cerebral Palsy, a disability which
causes us to have slurred speech, use powered wheelchairs to get around, and
necessitates that we do activities of daily living in creative ways. The time I
felt the most accepted was when our son, David, was a baby. Since Denise took

April 2011 News

John ZerzanLayla Abdel-RahimI spoke in Albuquerque at a University of New Mexico symposium on faith and radical ecology, along with John Zerzan and Layla Abdel-Rahim (right).  While in town Elaine and I got to visit with old friends and BCM supporters Vonnie and Audrey Owen, and also with folks from Albuquerque Mennonite Church, Trinity House Catholic Worker and the Center for Action and Contemplation.  After a couple of days at Ojo Caliente and hanging out with longtime colleague Fred Vigil in northern New Mexico, we returned to our annual BCM retreat in Altadena, hosted by board chair Rick Kidd.

Photos from Ched and Elaine's Yard

Here are photos taken by Tim Nafziger the morning after a spring rain in March 2011. Click the slideshow below to view and then click the full screen button in the lower right hand corner:

March 2011 News

Elaine and I had an amazing journey to Palestine/Israel, which we’ll report on in the next issue.  The trip was full of adventure and without mishap, blessed with wonderful hospitality and deeply impactful both politically and spiritually.  Thanks for your prayers.  We returned mid-month to a mountain of work, tired but truly refreshed (in part, we realize, because we were completely unplugged for almost four weeks—no cell phone or computers!).

Pilgrimage to the Ukraine: Revisioning History through Restorative Justice

If we could read the secret history of our enemies we should find sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.

--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

February 2011 News

James LoneySave the date: Saturday afternoon, April 16th Jim Loney of Christian Peacemaker Teams (right) will speak at our BCM Annual Party in Pasadena.

Check out February Bartimaeus Institute participant and friend Tevyn East’s show, Leaps and Bounds. She may be touring at a location near you: http://www.affordinghopeproject.org/. Tevyn graced us with a deeply moving performance of her one-woman show incorporating dance, poetry, and conversation that inspired us to hope and action in this present ecological crisis.

January 2011 News

Our month was spent preparing for both the January and February Institutes, finishing some writing projects, and planning for our upcoming trip to Israel/Palestine.  It’s been a little too hectic, frankly!  Ched’s piece from the November E-News was published recently in Tikkunyou can check it out by clicking here.

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