January 2012

Be sure and look for the new book by the L.A. Catholic Worker’s Jeff Dietrich (right). And check out the great National Catholic Reporter review: http://ncronline.org/news/people/wheat-war-life-poor.

December 2011

I completed my semester of Hebrew studies; thanks again to Sam Thomas for his generosity in letting me sit in. I got to speak in his "Introduction to Christianity" class at California Lutheran University too, and have gotten to know a few professors around campus. It’s a good connection. Sam’s also been working hard with Elaine on the Abundant Table Farm Project board, as they go through significant transition.

November 2011

 This month we pulled the fall garden and put in the winter one (lettuce, kale, artichokes, onions, garlic). The new worm bin is doing great; the compost pile not so much. We purchased a little 1984 biodiesel pick-up from our friend Eric Hodge, who runs an off-the-grid, solar-powered auto shop in the neighborhood, makes his own biodiesel, and is a free diving spearfisherman and mushroom hunter. What a dude!

October 2011

 A busy month began by finishing up permaculture projects with Melissa Shank and Chris Grataski (see last month’s News from the Circle). As they were departing we received almost 24 hours of rain, unseasonably early, but great for the new plantings. Elaine had an Abundant Table Farm Project board meeting and prepared to be gone most of the month.

September 2011

Elaine and I enjoyed the entire month at home, hosting Melissa Shank and Chris Grataski from Lynchburg, VA (below at left and right). Bartimaeus Institute alumnae, they spent September helping us transition to a permaculture regime in our garden (watch for a photo essay coming soon).

In Occupy Movement, religion and politics mix by Collin Tong

In the days following the ugly confrontation between Occupy movement protesters and Seattle Police in downtown Seattle on Nov. 14, images of an 84-year-old woman and Seattle clergyman covered with pepper spray went viral. The Seattle pastor, Rev.

"God Saw" A reflection by Julia Baker BCM Intern and Abundant Table Intern

I think about the word good a lot. In my 22 years of life, I’ve struggled deeply with perfectionist tendencies in different areas of life. It has caused me to be gripped with the fear filled cycling voices of “you’re not good enough Julia.” I’ve had to do pretty constant work to lessen that fear-based living, to unburden, to remind myself I am loved simply because I am.

The Immigrant Days of Christmas - A Reflection by Chris Hoke

Right now my friend Estuardo is probably crouching in the dark somewhere in the desert along the Mexican border. At the same time my wife and I hang electric Christmas lights on our tree, get out our nativity sets, and read familiar illustrated books about the stars in the sky above the shepherds.

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