Sabbath Economics for Occupy: Food and rest as medicine

I'm wondering where local organic agriculture, permaculture and farmers markets fall in with Sabbath economics? I advocate for a back to the land diet rich in healthy nutrients that could have dramatic impactnot only on our local economies but also the health and healthcare industries.

Ever heard of Dr Weston A. Price, DDS? He has an amazing story of health and wealth through real food. Many ills can be solved by real food. I think of Peter's vision to "rise, kill and not call anything unholy which I have called holy." Yet we demonize certain foods and call them unholy, foods which can heal and help prevent disease and part of traditional recipes.

I have been discussing this much with local people and have turned back to Sabbath economics and would like to see the Occupy movement entertain some of these ideas of Sabbath in a non-religious way. When one sees the Sabbath in such a practical way, it can be easier to swallow. Sabbath has always been taught to me as a day for worship and going to church, not how we deal with money. It would be great to get this idea into our cultural lives, I feel. I would like to see local food play a bigger part in getting back to sabbatical principles. 

I turned back to articles from Sojourners you wrote in 1998. Timeless and so very relevant to our current world-wide debt crisis. Greece could learn a lot from Iceland it seems. I'm starting to feel even more Greek and Palestinian every day.

Dave Bowers of Salida, CO