Nov. 6th: Chance to End Capital Punishment in California!

Our dear friend John Swanson has prepared four posters and postcards calling for an end to State Sponsored Execution in California, and a postcard to change the Three-Strikes Law.

Proposition 34 on the Nov. 6th ballot would repeal the death penalty in the State of California and impose a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 729 persons sentenced to death in our state.  

Each Prop 34 poster includes depictions of the Crucifixion of Jesus, with a message of transformation and hope. 

Three FiguresWho Deserves to Die?  

Angels    On the hill

(Proposition 34, 13” x 19” Posters and 4¼” x 6” Postcards Available)

Proposition 36 on the Nov. 6th ballot would revise the three strikes law to impose life sentence only when the new felony conviction is serious, or violent, and authorizes re-sentencing for offenders currently serving life sentences. 

The Prop 36 postcard displays a powerful message of change for prisoners, reading: No more wasted lives, Three Strikes Reform YES on Prop 36 | Stop keeping non-violent people in prison for life! 

These materials are available at printing costs.

Posters are $1.00 each plus shipping, and postcards are $0.25 each plus shipping. 

To order John August Swanson’s postcards and posters, contact The Swanson Studio by:


     Phone:        310-649-1210

     or, Mail:     The Studio of John August Swanson

            8417 Holy Cross Place

            Los Angeles, CA 90045